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Jean Saefken

M.A. Translation Studies

German - English

English - German

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  • Non-specialised texts
    • general correspondence, applications, user manuals, (online) advertising, brochures of all kinds, etc.
  • Specialised areas of translation:
    • Business and Finance, (for example, transportation and logistics, insurance, marketing, real estate, banking) – annual reports, statements, contracts, manuals, website contents, etc.)
    • Journalistic texts - articles, reportages, reviews, analyses, etc.
    • Education – books, articles, reports, etc.
    • Environmental issues – reports, analyses, etc.
    • Academic texts from the Humanities and Social Sciences (political science, history, philosophy, art, music and psychology) – papers, dissertations, articles, books, journals, etc.
    • Literature (fiction and non-fiction) – books, magazines, journals, etc.

Proofreading existing translations

In order to give your translated text that final polish, checking it for coherence and correct expression is paramount to making sure it rings true at all levels. This is especially important in official documents.


Accuracy of spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. is essential to avoid possible misunderstandings and especially if your translated text is intended for a specific purpose like job application, publishing, advertising, etc.

I guarantee professional thoroughness.


For translations, the rates are calculated on the standardised basis of 55 characters including spacing per line and vary between 1,50 euros and 1,80 euros, depending on the length of the text, its complexity and the given deadline.

In the case of proofreading and editing translated texts, the hourly rate is between 50 and 75 euros - depending on complexity and deadline.

Methods of payment:

Bank transfer or credit card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express), due in 7 days from date of invoice.